Friday, May 16, 2008

Father Son Campout

Wow, I really haven't been on in a while. Life sure gets busy!
The first weekend in May was the Father-Son Camp out for our Ward. From the tine Alex told the boys he was taking them camping until the day they actually got to go was a little over a month probably. EVERY weekend Mason would ask if this was the time Daddy was taking him camping. I kept having to tell him how many more weekends until the camp out. My boys, as well as my girls too, LOVE to go camping so they could hardly wait to be able to go with just Daddy!! Alex was able to come home from Seattle Thursday night and head out early on Friday with the boys. My parents were kind enough to lend him their camp trailer so I spent the week making sure the boys had everything in there they needed. On Friday Alex loaded up all the fishing gear and we finished running last minute errands and they were on the road by about noon. They went to Lewis And Clark Campground near Dayton Washington. The group campsite that was reserved for our ward was NOT very big! The trailer sites they had were hardly large enough to get the trailer in so Alex just parked the trailer right in the middle of the group campsite. He was the first one there. Most Dads don't' get to leave until after they get off work on Friday. After Alex got the trailer all set up he took the boys fishing for the rest of the afternoon. Alex invited his Dad to come up and sleep in the trailer with them also so Mason and Spencer were excited to have Grandpa Max with them too. Once all the other Fathers and Sons got to the campsite it was quite a field of tents! Mason and Spencer had a great time playing with all the other boys around. They were so tired they were ready to climb into their sleeping bags by 9:00pm!!!

Meanwhile...Harley, Cierra and I had a nice time at home with just the girls! I told the girls we could go to dinner and then see a movie so they chose Old Country Buffet. Cierra LOVES that place! I guess I can't complain when kids eat for $1.99. I took them to see Nim's Island and they really enjoyed that movie. When we headed home I realized it's kind of odd not having the boys at home. I'm used to the girls being gone at a sleepover and I'm used to Alex being gone but I always have the boys.

Saturday morning I get a call about 7:00am from Alex and the fun had ended for them! Spencer woke up around 5:30am and threw up in his sleeping bag! All I have to say is I'm glad I wasn't there! Alex doesn't handle throwing up well so if it happens at home I always have to take care of it. I'm glad he HAD TO this time. It's good for them! Ha ha. But I was sad that they were not able to spend the day fishing like they had planned. Luckily Alex had the trailer to sit in while they waited for all the tents to clear out before they could leave. By the time they got home Spencer was done throwing up. So I didn't get any of it. Spencer laid on the couch for a few hours and then he wanted to go out and play. It was all I could do to keep him down. I didn't' want him to make himself sick again. By that night he was fine. We kept him home from Church the next day just to be safe but he definitely was fine! Alex told the boys they would have to do a redo on the camp out sometime soon. So guess what the boys keep asking me every week???