Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy Time!

All the kids are now back in school. I have three mornings a week all to myself. That is....if I don't have any preschool help days. Then in a month or so I'll start helping in Mason's kindergarten class too. So I'm trying to make the most of my Mommy Time alone!! I've hit a ton of stores ALL BY MYSELF! The boys can only take so much of looking at craft stores, scrapbook stores and waiting for me to try on clothes. It's such a nice change to do all that by myself. And faster! I've moved all my scrapbooking stuff into the little room downstairs and have been trying to get everything organized. I have to make the most of my wall space, which is very limited. I put up one set of shelves on a small wall but the large wall needs some shelves also so I can get everything up off the floor and actually have room to move my chair. :)

Alex left last Thursday for a long elk hunting trip with some hunting buddies. We are all missing him. Usually he's only gone for a few nights. It's nice that he can still call home at night so the kids and I can talk to him. We're all looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!