Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello again!

Wow, I've really been neglecting this blog.  I keep thinking about updating it and then it gets pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list.  A few other things slightly more important like keeping my family fed and making sure they have clean clothes to wear to school so they don't look homeless.  I need to set a goal to post once in a while.
What have we been up to?  Well, too many things to cover in the time I posted last but here's few things. 
*Harley's off at college and doing great.  She has started her practicum for Elementary Ed and is enjoying that.  She's been blessed to have good roommates that she gets along with.
*Cierra's a senior and doing Running Start at our local community college.  She will have almost completed 2 years of college by the time she graduates in June.  Right now she's getting ready for Tolo and all the activities associated with that.
*Mason is in 7th grade. Played football in the fall and we are now full into the wrestling season.  That's a whole new world for me!  It's painful to watch but getting easier.
*Spencer is in 6th grade.  He's playing city basketball and doing great.  He loves helping take care of our chickens.  Yes, we chickens!  9 of them.  We get fresh eggs bur right now those little buggers have quit for the winter.  Hopefully soon they'll start laying again.
*Carter is in 1st grade and loving it.  It amazes me how much his little mind picks up.  I no longer have the luxury of spelling things to sneak them by him.  I'll have to take up another language but then he'd probably figure that out too.  He is also playig city basketball and having a blast.  It's a hoot to watch his team.  They all still double dribble and travel ALL THE TIME.  It's more like a rugby game than a basketball game.
*Alex works at Kadlec and enjoys that.  He's lucky to be able to work from home about half the time.
*Me?  I started working for Gale-Rew Construction in July and to my surprise I really enjoy it.  I had planned to keep subbing in the schools for Para Educators but I haven't done much of that. 

So between working a couple days a week and getting all the kids to their events and making sure everyone is fed and generally happy I don't seem to have much time left.  I haven't scrapped in quite a while.  I started a December Daily album and only finished about 10 pages.  I WILL get that done!  Soon hopefully.