Monday, August 17, 2009

Look what Carter's been UP to.

Now that Carter can crawl he's all over the place. He's decided that he can stand up holding on to just about anything! Wow, time flies.

This is my favorite picture!

Child Photographers

This is what happens when kids get ahold of you camera.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did summer go?

Here's a quick look at where our summer has gone.
*Carter learned how to crawl! Yikes, watch out!!
*We love to go camping and we bought a trailer, woooo hooo!!!
*Cierra competed in "belly bumpers" at her 5th grade track and field day.
*Camping and boating at Charbonneau for Memorial weekend. What a blast, fun with lots of cousins! Carter had a nice nap in a camp chair by the river.
*I now am a parent of teenager. Harley turned 13!
*Spencer helping Alex do some work in the yard. Building forms for concrete in the driveway and setting fence posts.
*A long drive and a short stay at Priest Lake in Idaho. It sure was pretty!! We will surely be going back!
*Ward camp out at a nearby church camp. The kids had a great time catching crawdads in the little river.
*Check out that nice muddy rig after Alex took the kids fishing! He had to take it through the car wash at least 4 times!
*Lots of swimming at the pool. Carter fits right in with the rest of the kids, he loves the pool. Didn't Cierra do a good job, she took that picture of Carter, way to go C!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Mowhawk!

Last night Alex and I attended his 20 year high school reunion. Our kids spent a couple hours at my Mom's house. My brother came down from Cheney and my sister was also over with her kids hanging out. Towards the end of the evening I get a text from my sister that says, "while the parents are away..." followed by a picture of Spencer with a mohawk. Little did I know that there was actually hair cutting involved. When we got back to my Mom's house we were told the full story. Allie wanted to give Spencer a mowkawk and he was a bit hesitant. She first just gelled up the top and then convinced him to cut the sides short! I think it's cute and it's fine since we usually keep Spencer's hair short anyway we can just buzz it all down later. Before church we got some good pictures, yes, he went to church this way :)