Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally on the boat!

We finally made it out to the river. The first time we went out it was quite a journey. We loaded up the cooler, the bag of towels and all the kids. Drive down to the marina and get the boat in the water. While I drive the truck and trailer up to park it, Alex stays in the boat with all the kids. When I get back to the boat Alex informs me that the boat won't start. He even had it running less than a week ago when he got it all ready for the season. He figured out the battery must be dead, drained from the stereo. So I walk back up and unhook the trailer, drive the truck head first down the ramp to the boat so we can jump start the boat. It doesn't work. The battery was just totally fried! So then I drive the truck back up, get the trailer and we load the boat back up and all the kids and go home. The kids were disappointed to say the least! I was pleasantly surprised my a few people down at the dock who offered their help to us. A week later, we buy a new battery, load everything and everyone up again and we actually get to go for a boat ride. That day the wind picked up little so there wasn't any tubing but we ate lunch on the boat and the kids had a great time! FINALLY!

At the Pool

Just another day at the pool. This time I remembered to bring my camera!

Shine to Bruise

Here he is a week later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Shiner!

We were at the pool last night, Harley was swinging a large squirt gun to get all the water out when Spencer walked right behind her and got nailed in the face. Harley felt bad but it wasn't her fault. I'm sure it will turn into a very nice bruise in the next couple days. Poory guy, he cried for a long time! It sounded like the water gun had just hit the ground! OUCH!!

The busy scrapper