Monday, March 14, 2011

Stampin Up in March

Here they are!! The cards I made at my Monthly Stampin Up group. Thanks Louise for the great projects! I always love what you have come up with!
This first card is the Never Ending Card. You can just keep opening and folding it. I started singing "This is the song that never ends..." I'm sure everyone at Stamp group left with that in their head, LOL!

I love this card! I love learning new folding cards, so fun!! I just might have to get my hands on this stamp set, so adorable!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Madness and a Birthday

It's March Madness at our house...but not because of basketball! March is always a busy month for us. Mason and Spencer both have birthday's in March, I'm getting ready for Camp Wooten and spring sports are starting.

Mason was offered to take a little camping trip with his Dad for his birthday which he was TOTALLY excited about. Since it's such a busy month the camping trip has been rescheculed for April. We still wanted Mason to have a little party so we had a small party at "big McDonald's" as the kids call it. It was perfect and they had a blast!

Malorie's Birthday

We celebrated my niece's Birthday at my parent's house a couple weeks ago. All of the cousins have so much fun when they are together.

Pizza makers working hard!

My Mother is amazing!!! She can make anything!! She made this fabulous cake for Malorie's Party! Complete with a little princess on the front! WOW!!!!
The pink girls!