Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Green Day

I managed to have everyone wearing green yesterday but I only managed to get 3 out of 5 photographed. Carter even had on a very cute pair of white and green tennis shoes! I even had green on, with green fingernails! The perfect St. Patrick's and BOMBER green :) We'll get lots of use out of that bottle of nail polish!! So just imagine Spencer looking just like Mason, same shirt. Harley had a green shirt on that said, "Good need it" It was pretty cute. I was also negligent and didn't make a green dinner, or breakfast. I just had too much going on that day! Next time!

Big Brother Part 2

Spencer, gotta love him!!! Here's another one for ya. A couple days ago I was getting ready in the morning and Carter was hungry and mad. I had him on the floor in the living room and asked Spencer if he could talk to him and make him happy. I was almost done getting ready. Carter never stopped crying but it was pretty dang cute when I looked downstairs. There was Spencer talking away to Carter trying to settle him down....while wearing Alex's hunting earmuffs. He wasn't in a panic or bothered that Carter was crying, he just cut out the noise!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Brother

This morning I set Carter in his bouncer and put him in the living room. I asked Spencer to help keep him happy while I went and took a shower. After I got out of the shower I peaked downstairs to see how they were doing and there was Spencer holding up a book in front of Carter and pointing to pictures. I wished I had my camera right there with me but I knew the moment would be lost if I tried to sneak downstairs to get it. What a good big brother he is, I love it when I see things like that!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dippin Dots in my Hand

More than one person has said that it looked just like raining Dippin Dots today. Poor Harley was at softball tryouts while the white stuff was comming down. Isn't this crazy!


It's raining Dippin Dots. And then it stops!


I think my blog needs a makeover but I can't decide what to do with it??????

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CKC Portland

Just sittin in the hotel with a baby wide awake :) plus he's a little crabby. He just needs to settle down and go to sleep so I can too.
This wraps up a fun weekend in Portland scrapbooking and taking classes. I took Carter with me since there was no way he was staying home at 2 months old. He did pretty good all weekend. Some of the classes he slept though. It was nice when I got lucky to get a seat next to a wall with space next to me or behind me and he could lay on his blanket on the floor. Everyone ooohed and aahhed at him all weekend like they had never seen a baby before.

One of the classes we had to today was with Amanda Probst. She's one of the writers for Creating Keepsakes Magazine. She was so cute. You'll have to check her out. Her blog is listed on the side below. We made an album called "A Peek into my Week." It's very cute. When I get it completely finished I'll have to post some pictures. Anyway...Amanda was so sweet. We got to a point in class where she just walked around and made sure people were doing okay. She came over and asked if I needed her to hold Carter so I could get some scrappin done. She asked in a way that was more because she WANTED to hold him and not because I NEEDED her to. She was such a sweetie.

I have so much more to talk about but I'll save that for next time. It's so much fun to go to Creating Keepsakes Conventions (CKC). If you're a scrapper and you get the chance you should go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please don't rain!

Not today, we don't' want rain today. It can rain all it wants AFTER 3:00pm! Today is the day of Camp Jason Lee Park (JLP), also known as Camp Jalopy. The pre-Camp Wooten day for 5th graders at Jason Lee. Normally, the rain wouldn't bother me that much, but Carter has to hang out with me today while I'm at Camp Jalopy. It won't make for a very good day if I have to figure out what to do about the rain and Carter. I may have to make a trip to the store to get a stroller rain cover!! Pray for no rain today :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long Naps into Late Nights

Why can't Carter decide to sleep for 4 hours straight AFTER 10pm?? He fell asleep as we went to the store this evening around 7 pm and stayed asleep in his car seat until I woke him up at nearly 11pm!!! It was a two edge sward. On one side I was able to have a quiet evening watching some tv with Alex, which I haven't gotten to do in a while. On the other hand...I'm's 12:30am.....Carter's wide awake.....and a bit crabby so I can't really do much.

Today I decided to write down Carter's schedule. He has his two month appointment on Wednesday. I always hate it when the nurse asks "how many hours does he sleep at night, how many times does he wake up, does he nap during the day, how long" etc....HE'S AN INFANT...EAT SLEEP POOP. So I wanted to keep track and see how long he really is awake during the day. From about 11pm Sunday night until now, he's been awake about a total of 8 hours. The rest has been sleeping or eating or a combination of both. We'll see what tomorrow brings.