Monday, January 30, 2012

Stampin Up in January

Just a few cards I made at my Stampin Up group this month.  Love these Valentine's cards!!  As always, thanks Louise!!

The Lazy Batter

Supplies. Bazzill cardstock.  Basic Grey and American Crafts pattern paper.  K & Company, Provo Craft clipart by Annette Ward and Echo Park for embellishments.  Title alphas from Thickers (American Crafts)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking Fabulous

Harley on her first day of her Sophomore Year!

Patterned Paper from Basic Grey and Crate Paper.  Bling from Want 2 Scrap.  Alphas from Fancy Pants and Cosmo Cricket.  Embroidered flowers from SEI

Ready Set Go

Spencer on the first day of 2nd Grade
Patterned Paper from Basic Grey.  Card Stock from Bazzill.  Embellishment Stickers from Basic Grey.  Alphas unknown.

Awesome Kid

First day of school pictures!
Patterned Paper from My Minds Eye.  Alphas from SEI.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Nice Surprise!

I opened up Club Creating Keepsakes online to find that a scrapbook page I put in my gallery had been chosen as one of the Gallery Highlights for the week!  That's totally cool!!!  So I just had to share my excitement.  I'm honored to have my layout included among some very talented women. 

You can check out the other Gallery Highlights here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Birdie Sling

Since I've been on this sewing kick the last week or so I decided to sew up another bag.  This pattern is from Amy Butler, called the Birdie Sling.  I really love it!!!  Why so many bags you ask??  Why not?  They were fun to sew and they'll be fun to use too!
I do have to say though, the pattern may not be for begining seamstresses.  I say this becasue there were not very many pictures with the instructions. If you are the type of person that needs pictures I don't recommend this one for you.  But, there were good typed instructions and if you can follow that then you'll be fine!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pleated Bag Tutorial

Ok, here it is!  It didn't take long!  I will try and explain things the best I can but if you have questions please feel free to leave me a comment!  There could be someone else who has the same question!
Dimensions:  Bag body 21x14 (edited from original measurement)
Straps:  34x3 (or 17.5x3 cut on fold)
Pocket for inside 11x7
All seams are 1/2 seams
Cut out all your pieces
Cut 2 "bag" pieces from both the outside fabric and the inside fabric (lining)
Cut 2 straps out of the outside fabric
Cut 2 pocket pieces out of the outside fabric

Mark your fabric with a pen or chalk where your darts will be. I measured in 4 inches from each end and then again 3 inches from the first mark, towards the center.  Be sure to mark all your pieces, outside fabric and lining fabric.

Now, if you have floppy fabric you have an option of using some interfacing to help your bag keep shape.  I would suggest a lightweight fusible interfacing or your bag will be too wrinkly (too stiff form interfacing.  I chose to use interfacing to help show the back and front of this fabric.
So, iron-on your interfacing to the wrong side of your outside bag pieces and your straps.

Ok, let's make some pleats!!
Find the center between your two marks on each side and put in a pin.  Then you will fold the fabric towards the pin, making a "Z" with the fabric.  Pin that pleat.  Then repeat for the other half of that side.  Each bag piece will have two pleated spots (with 2 pleats in each spot)  Got all that?
This is what it should look like when you have pinned one section.
This is what the back side should look like.
Next, base stitch across the pleats to keep them in place.
Do the same thing on all 4 pieces.  This check fabric is the lining for my bag, sewing the pleats.
After a pleat has been sewn
Ok, inside pocket.  With right sides together sew around all 4 edges of the pocket but leave a hole in one side so you can turn it right side out. 

Be sure to clip the corners so that you will have a nice clean corner when your turn it.
Then turn it right side out and iron it flat.
Pin the pocket to the right side of your lining with the open (not sewn) seam on the bottom edge. 
Stich 3 sides leaving the top open, as your pocket. Stitch close to edge.

Fold your strap in half lengthwise and iron. 
Then, on each side fold in about 1/2 inch and iron

Fold again on the original half fold and iron shut.  Stitch close the edge.
Back to the bag
Pin bag with right sides together and stitch sides and bottom.  Then clip corners like you did with the pocket.
Do the same for the lining of the bag, only leave a hole in the bottom seam for turning the bag right side out later.(that's the pocket you see in there :) )
Back to the straps
Pin your straps on the right side of your bag, over your pleats.  Be sure and pin your straps in a manner that they "curve" when you have it on your shoulder.  It's hard to explain but look at a bag you have at home and see how the straps are.
Now, outside bad and place it inside your lining.  They should be right sides together.  You'll have to forgive me, I had Carter climbing on me while I was sewing and didn't get a picture of this part, so I had to go back and whip up a small bag so I could get pictures.
 Now line up the top of both bags, pin and stitch all the way around.  Then  you can turn your bag right side out through that whole you left in the bottom of the lining! 

Sew up your little hole. You can either just top stitch it (like I did for time) or you can slip stitch it by hand.  I usually slip stitch the hole shut.

Now tuck your lining into your bag.
(back to the big bag :) )
Pin the top edge of your bag all the way around, keeping the lining in and the straps out

Top stitch all the way around the top edge of the bag, about 1/8 inch from edge.  There you have it!!!  You're done!!!

Coming Soon!!!

A friend of mine saw a bag on Pinterest that she wanted to make.  She wasn't quite sure how to do it so I told her I would come up with a pattern for her.  So, be watching in the next few days for a bag tutorial!  I'm working on it right now!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bag Patterns

I've had a few people ask me, here and other places, what patterns I used for these bags.  The first one is Simplicity 2396.  It's a current pattern that I just purchased not too long ago.  The second bag is from the See&Sew cheap patterns. you usually find them on a rack at the fabric store (got mine at JoAnn's), sometimes they have them at Walmart.  Pattern B5449.  I didn't follow the pattern exactly on that one.

I do have this Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern which is similar to the the Simplicity pattern, I plan on making that one next!
I also have this pattern!  I'm thinking of making this bag to carry my laptop if I need to, instead of  having to use my scrapbooking bag!  You can check out TONS of fun stuff here.  Lots of quilting things but some cute patterns too!  I've never used any of their patterns but I'm anxious to make this one!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun Bags

I've had the urge to sew something the last couple of weeks.  Thank goodness JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby were having a good sale on fabric!  I'm good and stocked up for a while!!  The only problem is that I want to make something out of all the fabric I bought!!  Obviously I don't REALLY need that many purses or bags....well, maybe  :)
This is the first one I made.  It's actually my purse now, after cleaning out my current one and finding an HUGE amount of stuff hiding in all the pockets!  I totally love this one!!  I think it was a little out of my comfort zone, colors and patterns but I'm very happy with how it turned out!
The second I whipped up this afternoon!  It was a very easy one.  I used a pattern but I altered it a little to make it quick and easy.  Both purses have pockets on the inside.  I made this brown one with the intention of using it as a church bag, scriptures,  RS manual, the all important GUM for the kids!  It will be just right!!  My girls even asked if I made a pocket for the gum, LOL. Yes, there's a pocket for gum.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bumble Bees

I found a sketch that I liked from Sketch Support.  It's sketch #9.  I love how this LO turned out!!

Supplies.  Bazzill cardstock.  SEI patterned paper.  Doodlebug and Authentique alpha stickers. Stampin Up circle punches.