Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Goodies

These are the Birthday goodie bags I made for Mason's class at school.

Mason finally got his wish of having a "friend party" for his Birthday. This is such a busy time of year for me that it's been hard to schedule one. This year I made it happen! Sadly, only 3 friends showed up but I think Mason had a great time anyway.

We played some Transformer games and I made very simple transformer cupcakes. One game that they enjoyed was locating the Allspark. We hid it in the backyard and they had to search for it, when they found it they got a turn to hide it.

Another game they all enjoyed was finding the gumball hidden in a plate of whip cream. It was pretty funny. Even after they found their gumball they wanted more whip cream on their plates.

It's great to be 8!

It's hard to believe that our oldest son is 8 years old!!
We let Mason choose where he wanted to go out to eat for his Birthday dinner and he chose Red Lobster. Check out that plate of food! Mason loves all things meat.
He was baptized on Sunday March 7th along with another girl from our ward. We had over 110 people show up for their baptism!!! We started out in the RS room and we were overflowing into the hallway so we moved to the chapel. A huge thank you goes out to the stake choir for giving up the chapel!
On Wednesday Mason went to his first Cub Scout activity. He was very excited!! His birthday was just intime to be able to attend his first Pinewood Derby coming up in a couple weeks. I then realized that I had 18 years of scouting ahead of me with two other boys to follow. Let the sewing on of patches begin!