Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's catch up!

Just a few pictures to show ya what we've been up to. I have Halloween pictures but they are still on the camera. That camera is on a hunting trip in Montana :)
From top to bottom...Camping at Charbonneau with all the Holsten Family. We all silk screened matching shirts. Some people at camp thought we were selling shirts when we had them all hanging out to dry. It was pretty funny!
Took a trip to Silverwood. We had good weather and the kids had a great time. We decided that next time it would be a two day trip, rides one day, water park the next.
Spencer got his fist bus ride to the pumpkin patch with his kindergarten class. They DID NOT have good weather. It rained the entire time, we were all soaked when we left. What good memories!
Harley played volleyball and had a great time. She learned to serve overhand and get it over the net!! We are hoping to hit a bunch of camps until fall next year.
Alex and the two older boys took a little camping trip while the girls, Carter and I went to Seattle for a scapbooking convention. (Those pictures are hunting in Montana also). Mason and Spencer were so excited when they got to go hunting with Alex, that's a grouse.