Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Scrap Room Continues...

All the cabinets are officially out of the room. I did a little prime painting to cover up some ugly spots. Since there is carpet missing from where the bottom cabinets were I had to search for an alternative. I took the opportunity while I had all 4 kids at school to do some store hopping for carpet. I only need a small piece of carpet, 7x8 feet, and I didn't want to spend very much. My first stop was Home Depot and they had nothing that I wanted. I found some clearance carpet on the roll at Lowe's, only that was just on the display tag. After searching for someone to help me in the carpet isle I found out that carpet was all gone. I had hit a couple other places and didn't see much. One place had a 12x6 but it was still $40-50. I was just about to call it quites when I decided to stop at one more place. Right as I'm driving up they have remnants outside in crates of all different prices. What a lucky day for me. I found a roll, 10x7 for only $20!!! Now that's my kind of deal! Now I just have to figure out how to put it in.
My brother in law, Doug, was nice enough to patch a hole in the wall for me. As soon as that's all sanded and dry I can get to painting. Then onto the carpet project. I can't wait to be done with the room. I keep thinking of all these fun ideas to do in my very tiny space.
I don't usually take on large projects like this by myself. I've been kind of spoiled that my husband is such a handy guy. He really does know how to do quite a few things! I just decided that I didn't want to wait for him on this one. His project right now is getting sprinklers in our front yard, so we can get sod put down.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let The Demo Begin!

Well, I did it. I started demolition on my craft room. I took out the cabinets that were there and will put them in yard sale. You never know who's going to want that kind of thing. After I got the upper cabinets out I worked on the lower cabinets. The desk top came off really easily and with the help from my sister we got it out of the room in one piece, again, to the yard sale. I started undoing screws from the bottom cabinets and some just spun but didn't come out so I had to use some elbow grease to get them out, but I did it. So you know how when you start a project something always comes up that you weren't expecting, well, it happened. I was planning on just leaving the carpet in for now and deal with it later. NOW, I have to deal with it now. Where the bottom cabinets were put in, there is no carpet under there. Darn it!!! I guess I'll have to go find me a carpet remnant or something. The room is so small that I only need like a 7x8 foot piece of carpet, maybe even those carpet tiles I've seen. When I went to Home Depot to look at flooring ideas they looked at me crazy when I asked if they had any carpet tiles. What, do they never watch home improvement shows, geesh!!!! So the search is on.

With the bottom cabinets out I can paint now. I have decided to paint my room a nice pale yellow, kind of buttery. My sisters and I helped my Mom paint her living room before she got new carpet put in and she has a ton of paint left from that and she said I could use it, SCORE!! It really is a nice color. Oh, did I mention that my husband doesn't know I'm doing all this?? Shhhh, it's a secret. Even my kids have done a good job not telling him. He works out of town during the week and is home on the weekend so I really can get quite a bit done while he's gone. And he never goes down there, unless he is going to change the furnace filter, which he just did. So I should be good for a while. I just want to do it and get it done!!! I'm so ready to have my own space!! I'll post pictures again after I get it painted.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The End of Spring Break

Well, I guess this was the end of spring break. Some parents would be happy to send their kids back to school. But me, I quite enjoy getting up at 8 or 9 in the morning. Not only do my kids have to get back in schedule but I do to. Back to early mornings for me.

We had a pretty busy week around here. Now that I have both of my sisters here in town I don't get as much done at home but all the little cousins sure have a good time playing together. I think we spent 3 afternoons at the park this week. The first day all the kids played on the playground toys. Cierra wanted to bring her softball stuff to play some ball so we took that along, as well as my softball stuff. After the kids played on the toys for a bit we all took turns batting. They all had such a good time. We then decided that the next day we needed to play a game of kick ball, so we did. I sure got my exercise that day. With only a few adults and a bunch of kids, kick ball was not as productive as it could have been so we switched back to taking turns batting. By the next day I was sore all over. It didn't help that the very same evening I went and played volleyball for a couple of hours.

Today we had very nice weather!!! So good in fact that the sprinkler I had on the dry grass was too much temptation for my boys. Mason and Spencer got entirely soaked, in their clothes. They started out jumping on the trampoline (away from the sprinkler). A few drops would hit them now and then. When I looked out the window a little later, they sprinkler had magically moved itself to UNDER the trampoline, and then ON the trampoline. How does that happen? :) It's not worth a fight, just strip down to your shorts! Of course Cierra couldn't resist and had to go grab her suit also and join in.

Whenever you had your spring break, I hope it was a good one!