Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School!!!

Harley and Cierra had their first day of school yesterday. They were very excited. Harley is now in 7th grade and Cierra is in 5th grade. Harley is excited that now she is a 7th grader they no longer have to sit on the gym floor when they have assemblies, now they get to sit in the bleachers. It's funny the things they get hyped up about. Last year it was the fact that she could now wear flip flops to school because the elementary school doesn't let kids wear flip flops to school because they are running and playing on the playground. Cierra is REALLY looking forward to that one. My girls live in flip flops!!

Now that Cierra is in 5th grade she gets to go to Camp Wooten in March. That's the big event for 5th graders at Jason Lee Elementary. Jim Ryder, a 5th grade teacher, is one of the first people to start the program some 30 years ago! I went to Camp Wooten when I was in 5th grade, and had Mr. Ryder as a 5th grade teacher! It is such a fun experience for these kids. Last year I had the privilege of attending camp as part of the teaching staff. That was loads of fun and I would go every year if I can. I'm still trying to figure out the plan for this year since I will have a 3 month old at that time. Cierra REALLY wants me to go with her since I went with Harley for two years. Once in 5th grade and once in 6th grade as a TA for camp. So I have lots of planning to do to figure that one out, or Cierra will disown me forever, ha ha.

Mason and Spencer have a couple of days before they start school. The starting of Kindergarten at Jason Lee is a slightly long process. Long story short, orientation on Friday and then his first official day will be Tuesday. He's very pumped about Kindergarten and he has an awesome teacher!! Spencer will have preschool orientation on Wednesday for an hour and then his first day is on Friday. It will be nice to have a few mornings all to myself, until Christmas anyway. :) I have a little tradition of getting first day of school pictures of my kids. I think they get annoyed! But at least I didn't take a picture of Cierra IN her classroom like I normally do on the first day. She's lucky she's a Peer Helper at Jason Lee. She needed to be at the school early so she could help other kids find their classrooms so I had to leave her and get on with my day. An of course Harley's off the hook for the classroom pictures.
Cierra and Harley. Oops, Harley blinked!
Look, that's better, she actually has eyes.

Cierra donning her usual pink attire. Although I don't know if this qualifies for a "pink outfit" there really isn't much pink today. But notice that back pack :)

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