Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Sports

Cierra. She played on the Cheif Jo 7th grade A team. Funny thing, her coach was my high school jv coach. She really had a good time and she's a good player.

Harley. I love this picture because it shows how high Harley jumped! She's the middle player in white. Even though she missed the block, I still love it! She played on the Freshman team for Richland High. She was tired every day when she came home but she had fun! Harley also had one of my coaches! She had my varsity coach. That's Richland for ya!
Carter spent many evenings sitting on the bleachers! The boys were very excited when they were FINALLY at the LAST game of volleyball season! They got tired of being dragged to the girls games.
Mason with some of his team. Mason is #10. Don't they look so cute!!? It was so much fun watching those boys play football. I think they were undefeated! They did awesome!!
I thought I might get a LITTLE sporting break but it looks like that will be a short break. Cierra is doing dance team with Cheif Jo. Mason wants to play city basketball and Harley will tryout for Club Volleyball. On to the next thing!

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Kris said...

Did you sign him up for basketball yet? The normal sign ups ended last week. The late signups are going on now.