Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Scrap Room Continues...

All the cabinets are officially out of the room. I did a little prime painting to cover up some ugly spots. Since there is carpet missing from where the bottom cabinets were I had to search for an alternative. I took the opportunity while I had all 4 kids at school to do some store hopping for carpet. I only need a small piece of carpet, 7x8 feet, and I didn't want to spend very much. My first stop was Home Depot and they had nothing that I wanted. I found some clearance carpet on the roll at Lowe's, only that was just on the display tag. After searching for someone to help me in the carpet isle I found out that carpet was all gone. I had hit a couple other places and didn't see much. One place had a 12x6 but it was still $40-50. I was just about to call it quites when I decided to stop at one more place. Right as I'm driving up they have remnants outside in crates of all different prices. What a lucky day for me. I found a roll, 10x7 for only $20!!! Now that's my kind of deal! Now I just have to figure out how to put it in.
My brother in law, Doug, was nice enough to patch a hole in the wall for me. As soon as that's all sanded and dry I can get to painting. Then onto the carpet project. I can't wait to be done with the room. I keep thinking of all these fun ideas to do in my very tiny space.
I don't usually take on large projects like this by myself. I've been kind of spoiled that my husband is such a handy guy. He really does know how to do quite a few things! I just decided that I didn't want to wait for him on this one. His project right now is getting sprinklers in our front yard, so we can get sod put down.

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Dyana said...

I FOUND YOU! Hey lady....don't you love blogging? Looks like you haven't been on for a while but, i will keep checking back. See you next weekend!