Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Injured

"Don't hurt yourself," were the words I heard from my Mom as I headed for the door for my first softball practice of the season. We really should listen to our Mothers. Mother knows best, right? Generally I don't get hurt, not counting sore muscles from the first practice or the first game. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow or the next day from batting! But this is a different kind of injury. I was playing first base and the shortstop threw a ball to me, it was low and I missed it and it hit me right in the leg. I am now the proud owner of a giant goose egg on my right leg, just inside next to my knee cap, right in that tender spot. I think I can even see a mark from the stitches on the ball, no kidding! It stung for a few minutes but then it wasn't too bad. After I drove home and got out of the car I could tell it was getting stiff and sore from not moving around much. Then I sat on the couch and fed Carter and got ice on it. Another 15 minutes of no movement and it was nice and stiff when I stood up again. I just can't wait and see how it feels in the morning, yippee!! And of course I had to take a couple pictures of it. We'll see how the color progresses over the next couple of days.
Notice the nice lump on the inside of my right leg?
Man, those legs need a tan!!

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