Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been a while

Boy, it looks like I've been a slacker at bloggin lately. Let's see, I've been to Camp Wooten and then we had spring break right after that. I'll try and play catch up for anyone who's interested.

Camp Wooten was tons of fun. We were rained on most every day. Because of the rain (or snow) it made it a little more difficult to tote Carter around outside. He stayed in when it was nasty outside. There were times when we was in the front pack with my coat over him while I was carrying an umbrella. He was a trooper all week. Everyone commented that he was such a good baby all week. Even though it was nice to be able to take him this year it will be nice when i don't have him there next year. Alex also went this year as part of an agreement to help out with Carter and still make it possible for me to get to camp and be with Cierra. Cierra, by the way, had a great week at camp also. She loved being able to see Carter every day. I tried to visit her at meal times whenever I could. Oh, back to Alex...He had a great time and one of the teachers asked him if he would come back again. So it looks like I've got Alex hooked also. I'm sure the teachers from Jason Lee enjoyed having Alex there also to help out with the fishing and all the other outdoor things.

We returned home from Camp Wooten on Friday afternoon and I immediately started doing laundry. We left Sunday morning and headed off to Bothell to spend the week with Alex there while he worked. My brother's wife and their kids also came up so we spent the week together doing fun things. Monday we ventured off to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. The animals were a bit boring because it was kind of chilly out. We did manage to avoid the rain that day. It was a good thing we picked Monday to go to the Zoo, it rained (or snowed) the rest of the week. On Tuesday we went to the Seattle Aquarium. There was a local radio station doing some promotion and we were able to print off a coupon for each person to get in for $1 each!!! I paid a total of $5 to get my family into the aquarium, that's unheard of! The kids had a good time but I was a little disappointed. I guess when you've been to the Monteray Bay Aquarium in California, and the Denver Aquarium it's kind of hard to measure up to those. The Seattle Aquarium didn't have any BIG fish, no sharks. Mason really wanted to see some sharks so he was a bit sad about that. So overall, I'm glad I only spent five dollars to get in.
Wednesday was a more relaxed day. The kids and I took a trip to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood. There was a nice play area for the kids. The only problem was that about 20 other mom's also had their kids playing there also, I guess that's what happens in a rainy city. We met my sister in law, Tammy, at the movie theater and saw Monsters vs. Aliens. That was a cute movie, all the kids loved it. Every evening when Tammy and I were done dragging our kids somewhere we met up with the husbands and went to dinner. Mason said he wished we could live in Seattle all the time because we get to eat at a restaurant all the time. I had to explain to him that it's only because we're on vacation. Funny boy.
On Thursday my kids and I did some more shopping. I found a very nice scrapbook store and of course got some goodies!! The boys were good troopers being dragged around looking at clothes for the girls!
On Friday we packed up the car and got ready to head home. Before we left we made a trip to the Space Noodle. Ever heard of the Space Noodle?? Spencer asked me earlier in the week, "Mom, how are we going to feel in noodle?" WHAT?? I was confused on what he was talking about. It took me a few minutes before I realized he was talking about the Space Needle! He kept calling it the noodle, it cracked me up every time. That's one for the scrapbook!!
When we got home I had SO MUCH LAUNDRY!!! I think I'm still trying to catch up on it.
Keep an eye out for pictures of our trips!!

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NaDell said...

I don't seem to have your email anymore.
Here's the volleyball message for the week:
Our ward is playing Desert Hills ward in Stake Volleyball on Thursday night at the Thayer LDS Church at 8pm.
If you can come, be there a few minutes early so we don't have to forfeit.
If you are unable to come, please let me know.
I am NOT in charge, so if you would like to be in charge, do it.