Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Door to Door Sales-person

I feel like I'm usually pretty good at fending off sales people coming to my door. Sometimes it is missionaries from other churches, I've had vacuums, books...all kinds of things. Well, today I was thoroughly annoyed!!! I had just mowed the lawn, I got Carter to sleep, the boys were playing nicely and I was getting ready to get in the shower. I made it to the bathroom and was just about to get in when I heard Spencer yelling. I figured the boys were fighting so I threw on my bath robe and went out to see what the problem was. Spencer told me there was someone waiting to talk to me...at the door!! So I go down and while hiding behind the door I find a young woman on my front porch. She greeted me with a happy, "Hello, Sister Pospical?" She was a college student and she wanted to sell me some cartoon scripture videos. She noticed that I was in my bath robe and apologized if she caught me at a bad time. I told her it was and that I was just about to get in the shower. Well, this young woman was not going to take no for an answer!!! She asked if I had a minute so she could show me what she had. I again told her it was a bad time, shower, baby sleeping, I need to be somewhere in a little while. She wanted to come back at a time when Alex would be here, well, he's out of town. Weekend is no good, we have a wedding. The following weekend? Camping. She kept saying how she gets credit for just showing it to me. Don't forget I'm still standing behind my door in my bath robe!!! She had to nerve to ask me again if I just had a minute!! HELLO?!!! Finally I just told her that in all honesty I wasn't going to buy any videos anyway. I told her if they are still the price the last time someone tried to sell them to me I have a hard time paying that for a video. Generally people are pretty good with the whole honesty thing but not this gal. "Even if I leave you a free video?" You can give me a free video if you want but I still don't have time!!!
Okay, so again, honestly maybe my boys would love the videos. I wouldn't mind having some but now I'm totally annoyed with this gal and it's out the window. There really wasn't an apology for taking my time or anything. It was like she was offended that because I was a member of the church I'm obligated to buy what this college student is trying to sell me. It doesn't work that way, sorry.


Kris said...

Deanna has a great quote on her blog about mom's reaching into sinks to pull out the gunk. I love those quotes! It reminded me of a time in mom's basement one night... baby Harley had puked into her blankie and you were rinsing it out in the utility sink. The drain was clogged and you reached right in to clear it out... low and behold it was clogged with a dead mouse. Ahh good times!

Heather said...

I had a problem with a few members from my old ward expecting discounts, because we went to church together, when I was working as a Service Advisor at the dealership years ago. It made things so hard! Way to stand your ground.