Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little-Big Carter-Update

He's not so little anymore. He had his 4 month appointment last week and he's already 19 pounds. Can you believe it? It's amazing how fast babies grow. They learn new things incredibly fast. He's grabbing things all the time, including fit fulls of hair. It's fun to hold something in front of him and watch him track it with his eyes before he grabs it. It looks like it takes so much concentration. He smiles all the time, especially for his brothers and sisters. He watches them cross the room and sometimes he'll get mad if they don't stop to talk to him. Shortly after he turned 3 months he started teething. Crazy, I know!!! By the time he hit 4 months he was showing off not one but TWO teeth on the bottom. It's so cute to see his little teeth when he smiles. Not so cute when I get a finger in there!! Don't try that at home! He's very close to rolling over, he just has that last little bit of shoulder to get over, then watch out! I'm sure he'll be rolling all over the living room.
I love sleeping baby photos. So hard to resist!!

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Heather said...

They grow up way too fast!