Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Stampin Up Projects

We celebrated Christmas in July! I actually love making things for the holidays BEFORE the craziness of the season kicks in. It's fun to think about Christmas projects early! For the first time I used bleach on my card! Yep, bleach! It was pretty cool and I just might have to use that technique again!! First stamp your image (the red ornament). Then pour a tiny bit of bleach on a paper towel in a plastic container, then spritz with a little glitter spray. There's all kinds out on the market these days. Then, using a small stamp (a flower in this case) dab in the bleach and a little in the glitter and stamp over your red stamp. It will bleach out that area. Very cool!! Thanks to my friend and demonstrator Louise!!! She always has fun projects!!!! Plus it's just fun to hang out for an evening!!

The second card had me a little worried, LOL. We inked up a stamp using 3 different colors. Light to dark. The parent in me just kept seeing my kids mixing ink colors from one pad to the next., I'll admit, it drove me a little nuts, LOL. Anyway, ink up your stamp in the light color. Then to the next darker color ink up around the edges of your stamp. With the darkest color ink the VERY edges of the stamp. Then stamp on your card. Cool, right?

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Auntie Em said...

Great techniques! I love the flowers on the ornaments and I will have to try the shading same as you did on the reindeer. So interesting! I would have a difficult time mixing up the inks as well! :D
Thanks for sharing! :)