Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bag Patterns

I've had a few people ask me, here and other places, what patterns I used for these bags.  The first one is Simplicity 2396.  It's a current pattern that I just purchased not too long ago.  The second bag is from the See&Sew cheap patterns. you usually find them on a rack at the fabric store (got mine at JoAnn's), sometimes they have them at Walmart.  Pattern B5449.  I didn't follow the pattern exactly on that one.

I do have this Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern which is similar to the the Simplicity pattern, I plan on making that one next!
I also have this pattern!  I'm thinking of making this bag to carry my laptop if I need to, instead of  having to use my scrapbooking bag!  You can check out TONS of fun stuff here.  Lots of quilting things but some cute patterns too!  I've never used any of their patterns but I'm anxious to make this one!

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Beth Hallgren said...

Thanks Becky! Now I just need to get sewing :)