Monday, August 13, 2012

I Mustache you a question!

I had a fabulous weekend at our second annual WAORUT crop in Wenatchee.  Met up with 9  wonderful ladies for a weekend of scrapping, chatting, and laughs!


A pink sandwich!  Smile


Notice there’s only one NOT wearing pink??


Someone bubble wrapped my table!!


Just a little shopping at Craft Warehouse.


And with all us scrapbookers, you know there was LOTS of this going on!


Oh man, the two of us had some good (immature) laughs!!  LOL  Lots of happy tears shed between the two of us!


And in all the fun, we really did get some scrapping done!  Good times with good friends makes for weekend that I look forward to all year long!  Can’t wait for next year ladies!!

Disclaimer:  I did not take all these photos. Many were taken by other scrappers at our event Smile

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csewy-csescrap13 said...

Thanks for sharing the fun photos from the WAORUT the photos when everyone is in pink! Looks like a lot of fun and shopping!