Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take a little trip with me

Cierra had a volleyball camp in Portland so I took all the kids on a little trip. We had to stop at Multnomah Falls on the way.  I think Harley was the only one who had been there before.  Mason was disappointed that we didn’t hike up to the bridge but we just were not wearing the right shoes. 


In 1995 shortly after Alex and I were married we lived in Vancouver, WA.  We thought about going to the falls on this day but then decided not to.  THAT DAY there was a huge piece of rock that fell from the cliff face and soaked a wedding party that was there.  It was kind of neat reading the plaque about it since we ALMOST were there that day.


I found online that a mall in Beaverton had a dinosaur exhibit so I thought the kids might enjoy seeing that.  Well, we were disappointed when we got there and saw how small it was.  It was NOT what we were expecting!  You can tell how thrilled Mason is, LOL


Hello!!  The Lego Store!!!  Such a fun place, I totally love the wall of Legos!!


It’s funny how such simple things can be so fun!  They thought this elevator was pretty cool!  I don’t know how many times they rode escalators up and down, it’s not like they’ve never seen one before.


I had to find a park for the boys to run around and burn some energy after spending quite a few hours in the mall. 


Quite by accident we found the Tualatin Hill Nature Park.  If you are ever in the Portland-Beaverton-Tualatin area you really should check it out!!  Miles of paved paths and some gravel paths through this nature park.  Very cool!!  I think that was just about the highlight of the trip for the boys, second maybe to the hotel hot tub, LOL.


One of the boys spotted this slug when we were walking along, it had to be as big around as my thumb and much longer, it was fat!!


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