Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Fun Fun!!

Well, we did it, we bought a boat. We have always talked about the possibility of getting one and how much fun it would be but I think we both thought it would be a while. We found a 1992 Reinell at a great price, and then Alex even got them to lower it more so that was even better! It's in really good condition and runs great. We took it for a test drive on Friday morning and by that evening we had a boat parked in front of our house. It's kind of weird actually! The previous owners also gave us a couple pairs of skiis, some life jackets and an intertube with it. All the girls cared about was the tube!! Saturday morning we loaded up the boat and headed over to Leslie Groves to take it out. Needless to say the kids were VERY excited! The girls have been tubing quite a few times thanks to Dan and Wendy and their willingness to share their boat with my kids when we go to Charbonneau. They boys aren't quite ready to ride the tube yet and are just as happy to sit in the boat. We plan on buying a larger tube so the girls can lay down. Dan and Wendy have a Banzai, so that's what my girls want of course. We'll have to look at what's our there.
We're looking forward to lots of fun on the river this summer. I wouldn't mind learning how to ski again. I haven't done that since I was a teenager with church groups. But that will have to wait until next summer when I'm not pregnant.

Alex showed me all the things I need to do when I take the boat out. I already warned him that I would be taking it out during the week while he's gone. But I would like to take it out with him a few times until I'm more comfortable with the whole process. I wouldn't do it all by myself, I would take my sister with me, which will be fun!

So here's the pictures from our first outing on our very own boat. It's kind of hard to take good pictures on a bumpy boat and up close! We loved it!!

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