Monday, June 2, 2008

This and That

Well, if any of you have not heard the news yet......Baby number 5 is on the way! Everyone keeps telling me that this will be the tie breaker. Two girls and two boys. I keep teasing Alex that it's twins. Ha ha ha. Of course the boys are hoping for a baby brother and the girls are keeping their fingers crossed for a baby sister. With the news of a new baby on the way comes the need for more space. We have our eye on a larger house and are hoping that everything goes as planned for that. I'll keep you posted.

Turtle News! While my parents were camping over Memorial Day weekend I was keeping watch on their house, bringing in mail and the paper, watering flowers and such. Then one day I made a very exciting discovery. I was watering the flowers under her front windows when a I saw a small turtle in the dirt. At first I thought it was a little figurine then figured it had to be real since my Mom doesn't buy that type of stuff. Sure enough, it was real and moving! After I picked up Mason from school I rushed him right over to see the turtle and he fell in love with that little guy. He wanted to keep him so bad!!! We just don't have room in our house for a turtle tank, contrary to Mason's opinion. He tried to come up with every possible place we could stash that turtle. So for the next few days we would stop by and check on him. When my parents returned from camping my Mom said she saw him crawling across the driveway and returned him to his spot in the garden, this happened twice. But he was bound and determined to travel so we have not seen the turtle since his last driveway crossing!

Wedding! Alex's sister, Teri was married on May 24th. It was a very beautiful day, the weather was great and everything turned out really nice. Spencer was so funny at the reception! A bunch of the Pospical group was sitting at a table when Spencer walks up and tries to take one of the chairs. When we asked him where he was taking it he simply replied that he was going to watch and see when Teri and Rich get married. We reminded them that they were married in the Temple earlier that day. Aunt Amy then suggested that maybe he watch and see if they kiss. Spencer sat in that chair staring at them in the receiving line for about 15 minutes waiting for them to kiss and finally gave up. Later in the evening he found a nice spot on the floor to continue his search for "the kiss." I had to let Teri in on Spencer's plan. Teri and Rich got a kick out of that and finally gave Spencer what he was waiting for. What a funny boy!

Oregon Trail. The fourth graders at Jason Lee Elementary have a unit where they study about the Oregon Trail and some Washington History. They get to visit the Whitman Mission for a day and they also go on their own "Oregon Trail" around the neighborhood. They are put in Families, make a flower sack baby, make covers for their wagons, and learn about many of the places those pioneers made stops at along the way. Then they head out on their trail. They have stops along the way and have to answer questions and make choices. I was lucky enough to get to witness these "pioneers" on their journey as they passed my homestead. I was also able to magically make it rain while they walked passed. I'm sure there were troubling times on their journey west. Hoses are a wonderful thing!


Cassi said...

Hi Becky,

I found some of your forum entries over on CK website. I've been trying to decide if I should stay registered for the Rusty Pickle Jumbo Card Class. What advice would you give me? I'm registered for it at the end of Saturday. Stay registered and pick up the kit, or unregister?

Thanks in advance,


cassandra.mozingo (at) gmail

Becky Pospical said...

Glad you found me. :)
If I had known exactly what the Rusty Pickle Card Class was going to be I would not have signed up for it. I like Rusty Pickle but this project was not very organized. I don't know that I'll even use the cards I made. Good luck!