Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Construction Update!

The entire downstairs has been drywalled!! It's looking like a real space again. The first coat of mud has gone up, dried and sanded. Alex is downstairs right now putting on second layer of mud.
After the girls got home from school today we went and picked out carpet. It's so nice to have that done! Now I get to pick out the paint I want. Getting one thing done always relies on another thing being done. Isn't that how it always works? The kids are anxious to help paint. Since the room is so big and open, and we won't have carpet in, I have been telling the kids they can help paint. They only thing they could get paint on that would be a problem is the fireplace. No doors or trim to worry about. This is the best time to let them help paint! We are looking at Monday to get our carpet laid. We have to contact a carpet guy to make final plans. I can't wait until it's done. I'm sure Alex feels the same way. Poor guy, he stays up until at least 11pm working downstairs and that's after he's worked from home on his computer all day! I feel bad that I can't really help. I plan on getting that new Fresh Air paint so that I can at least help paint, which I enjoy anyway.
I'm getting close to getting my laundry room back!!!!


NaDell said...

How fun!
Let me know if you need anything before or after that new baby comes.

Abby said...

Hey Becky - tell Alex I want him to come to my house next! Just kidding - I think its great he can do that and so fast. Good luck with the baby!