Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting close!!

The baby countdown is getting closer and closer!! At my appointment last week I told the nurse (doc was gone) that I didn't want to be in the hospital on the 25th. She didn't think the doctor would have a problem inducing me a week early, possibly on the 21st. That would get me in, deliver and be home before Christmas. I'm sure he doesn't want to be at the hospital on Christmas either! I have always felt pretty good after having all my other kids so I'm not too worried about it. We have enough family here to make it easy on me. So I could be looking at a week from now! It's amazing how fast the end of a pregnancy goes, especially at this time of year.
So tonight I was getting the boys in bed and decided I needed to make a list of things I needed to get done before the baby was born. I realized that I have WAY more things to do than I was thinking. Granted, if I went into labor tomorrow everything would work out fine but I would worry about it. This list didn't even include what Alex has got going in the basement, besides the fact that I need that space to make room for baby. Most of my to do list is things I can do, some of the things require a small amount of assistance from Alex. I hate to make his list of things to do any larger than it is!!
I have a doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon and I'll keep everyone posted of any decisions that are made that day.
Oh, I went and got a pedicure today since I can't reach my toes. It was so nice!! They were busy so they got me set up in the pedi chair and got the water on and then left me. I got to sit in the nice massage chair for about an hour total today. It was so nice not being in a hurry. Alex took the kids shopping and I was all alone. ANYWAY...The gal sitting next to me was also pregnant and she looked about the same size as me. I asked her when she was due and she said not until May!! I'm sure she gets the look I gave her quite a bit because she immediately let me know that she is having twins. How fun!! Plus, she already has twins. Isn't that funny. Twin boys that are 6 and this time she's having a boy and a girl. Her mother was with her and said that there's at least one other set of twins in their family. WOW, that gene really hit them. The funny thing was she gave me the same look I gave her when she asked me if this was my first and I told her it was my 5th. It's always interesting how 5 kids to some seams like so many kids and to others it's not. 8-10 kids sounds like a lot to me but not 5.

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