Monday, January 12, 2009

Not the thumb!

Somewhere around 5 days ago I caught Carter with his thumb in his mouth. I just had to catch a picture. Thank goodness for a camera with a pop out, rotating screen on the back, it sure comes in handy. As cute as he was I DO NOT want a thumb sucker! A binky is so much easier to take away. And for your viewing enjoyment I threw in a couple other pictures too. :) Spencer always asks to hold Carter but he usually only lasts about a minute then he's done. He's happy to just sit on my lap while I'm holding Carter. Spencer's my little lap boy.


Dyana said...

He looks like a sweet baby, Bec! Mmmm Yummy!

Jenks Jive said...

I have never had a thumb sucker until Rebekah. I can't believe how early they can get that to their mouth. Carter is so cute. He is changing so fast!