Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture Tag-EDITED!

I've been tagged! Here's my picture. Not too exciting. I was supposed to show the 6th picture from the 6th folder. Well, on my laptop I only have two folders so this is the 6th picture from the 2nd folder. I couldn't get to the file on my other computer at the moment.

This is our boat when it was parked at a storage lot. We wanted to find a nice, fenced, safe place to park it for the winter until we could get the side driveway done at our house.

Well, we got fenced, but not safe!! Alex went down to check on it and found out that someone had broken into our boat and stole the stereo that Alex had just put in this summer. Needless to say we were ticked! Alex took this picture along with others after that happened. That was a few weeks ago. The sad part is that it happened AGAIN! We think they came back to finish the job, they stole the new speakers too. We pulled the boat right out of there!!!

Speaking of the boat. Here's the sixth picture from my sixth file from the sixth folder. That's just how mine are stored, year, month, picture.

So I finally got to the file from my other computer where most all of my pictures are kept. This is a picture of one of my YCL's from girls camp. We took them boating before camp. This gal had the best time tubing!!! I felt bad for her because the rest of the girls didn't want to tube with her because she loved going fast and wild. If I hadn't been pregnant at the time I would have tubed with her!!

Okay, here's what you are supposed to do. Post a picture on your blog and tell the story that does with it. It is supposed to be the 6th picture from the 6th folder of pictures.

I'll tag: Kris, Allie, and Dyana


NaDell said...

That's awful! I hope that can go onto your homeowners insurance or something or do you make the "safe" parking place pay for it???
Did other boats get messed up too?

Kris said...

That is really crappy about the boat. I didn't know that had happened.

Thanks for the tag... stay tuned!