Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A GREAT Weekend

I had an awesome weekend! A group of ladies from the Club Creating Keepsakes message board decided to meet up and spend a weekend scrapbooking. I had met one of them (Amanda) before and I was very excited to meet the others! We met up at a hotel and got a room to scrapbook in. We all had so much fun!!!! This is an amazing group of talented, kind, funny women and we had a BLAST!!!

Here's our small, cozy room.

Shopping at Craft Warehouse. Steffanie and Laurie.

Heidi looking oh so cute in her silly prize!

Adele (A-deal) :) who doesn't like pink got smothered in it!

Amanda, Adele, Laura, Steffanie and Laurie.

Laura, Me, Adele, and Amanda
Adele and me.

Someone got their car Saran wrapped. :)

I wonder who could have done that?????

Just a few pictures from the weekend. I have more that I'll have to load later. We are ALL looking forward to doing it again next year, not soon enough!! Between the 9 of us we got 102 scrapbook pages done!!!! WOW!! I finished 11 so I'm very happy!!!