Monday, August 15, 2011

Starving Children

I really do feed my kids, honest!!! Some days they seem to do nothing but eat, LOL. What a bunch of goofy boys!! They can really suck it in. Even though Mason thinks he starving, here's the proof that my kids can clean a dish! The rolls in this pan are still warm!!! More than half are already gone! The rest of these probably won't see tomorrow!

Mmmmmm, Rhodes rolls are always a hit!!!


DanaMK said...

Ha! My brother always used to do this! And then he'd stick his tummy out and it would be a hard bulge! I wish mine were. lol

Moongirl said...

My son did this so well, that he seriously grossed people out! It was nasty.

Auntie Em said...

Too funny! But those rolls look so yummy,they must have helped fill them up some. I always figured our son and his friends had hollow legs.
Kids are always entertaining!

Ladyofthelake318 said...

The only thing I regularly hear from my YDS is "What's for (breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on time of day)?" And it can start for the next meal 15 minutes after the last one!