Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quilt for a Raider Fan!

I had another Raider Football mom ask if I could make something for her out of some Raiders fabric she had acquired from a yard sale.  First off, so jealous that she got the fabric from a yard sale because that licensed fabric can be spendy!!!  I was more than happy to make something for her and I decided to make a quilt.

raiders quilt

Once I had gotten the fabric up on the quilt stands and started tying my yarn knots I realized that I haven’t made one of these blankets in a long time.  I really enjoyed it too.  They are so easy!  This will be a great blanket to have once the weather gets a little more chilly and we’re freezing our behinds off at football games.


I have a “car blanket” that I purchased at Target quite a few years ago that I just love!  It’s really a picnic blanket and it’s not very large but I LOVE how it zips all nice and tidy and it has a handle to carry it.  So along those lines I decided to make a strap that will tuck this little baby all nice and neat to fit into a bag or in the trunk of a car.  The strap is sewn on so it won’t get lost!005


I enjoyed making this blanket so much that I ended up making one for my family as well!  And now I’m in the sewing mood!

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