Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Using Washi Tape

How many rolls of washi tape (also known as trendy tape) do you have?  I’m not telling!  I can tell you it’s more than 5 and less than 100!  LOL
I wanted to make good use of these rolls of sticky goodness and decided that it was just as good at patterned paper. Not that I have any shortage of patterned paper either!  On this pater, there’s not one single bit of patterned paper.  All the pattern on this page is from tape.  Even the little circle flowers, the butterfly and the banner at the top.  It’s so easy to cover plain cardstock and punch out or cut whatever shape you want.  What’s even more cool?  Most of the patterns lined up really well when they were placed next to each other.  Even that orange and pink flower pattern lined up with itself when I started placing rows downs.  Very cool!
So get out your fun tapes and create something trendy and cool! 
I was honored and surprised to find that this LO had been selected as a Creating Keepsakes highlight this week!!  Here are all the other fabulous LO's chosen.
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