Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Bags

Back when Harley and Cierra were probably about 6 & 4 (give or take) I made them each a fabric trick-or-treat bag.  Just a simple bag, nothing special.  Those little bags have lasted us until now.  In fact, they are still holding strong, except for the iron on decal on the front of the bag.

While at a recent trip to JoAnn’s I was lured by the Halloween fabric.  What can I make, what can I make???  Ah yes, new trick-or-treat bags for the boys!!!  Sweet!!  Carter helped me pick out fabric for himself and his brothers.  I managed to over rule his choice for the purple fabric with tiny orange pumpkins all over it. 

The bags are about 12x15 and I lined them, which the other bags did not have.  So these little babies had better last forever!  Or at least until I get the desire to sew different bags.  They are all the same size even though they look different.  Some of the fabric was a little more stiff and just stood up well. 


Mason’s bag.


Spencer’s Bag


Carter’s bag


I squared off the bottom.  I just think it gives it a more finished look and it holds candy really well that way Smile


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