Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Wednesday

Okay, so I didn't get it done last night, too much going on around bed time, then I got to watching the Presidential Debate. So here it is.

7:45am-Drop off Harley at school then back home for the rest of the kids.
8:30am-Here's Mason walking to where his class lines up, and the view from my car as I pull up to the drop off zone
8:40am-Arrive at Spencer's preschool early. He doesn't have to be there until 9:00am so it gives me a chance to put my make-up on in the car before we go in. Why drive home only to be there for 10 minutes and have to leave again. It takes that long just to get Spencer in the car and wait for him to buckle up. :)

Spencer killing time checking for gum disease while I get my make-up done. Funny boy. He loves to come sit in the front seat!!
9:00am-Spencer finally gets to go into preschool. Every day he has to stop in the preschool office and give Mrs. Jones a big hug. She's the preschool director and she's awesome! She has a few grand kids so she totally eats it up. And on most days he also has to go down the hall to give Mrs. Rosbach a hug also. She was his teacher last year and she loves to see her "old" kids.

After I took Spencer in and have him a hug and kiss I went back out to the car to get my camera. I sat behind a shelf for about 10 minutes while he worked on puzzles. He didn't see me. I was trying to get a picture of him sticking out his tongue while he was concentrating. It's hilarious! Never did get it.
After leaving preschool I had a couple errand to run, which I forgot to take pictures of. Craft Warehouse to get some paper for a project I was helping Jill with. Perused the isles of Target and left empty handed. Then I decided since I didn't have any kids with me I would go into Pier 1. I never go in there, usually have kids or don't have the time. Left empty handed there also.
11:25am- Quickly pick up Spencer from Preschool and get out of there as FAST as I can. Hurry back to Jason Lee to pick up Mason when he gets out 11:35am.
Phew, we made it! Home for lunch but I have to make room on the counter so the dishes need to be done.
PBJ, yum. Alex is glad he's not home for this great lunch. I wish I was at work with Alex to have something better. :)

12:30ish- Pick up and vacuum living room while boys play outside. Luckily it's been nice out still. They love to play in the back yard! Good old dirt! Plus throw in a load of laundry. Get a chance to sit at the computer for a bit. Throw in another load of laundry, fold the first. Take dishes out of dishwasher.

3:40pm-Back to Jason Lee to pick up Cierra from after school Marimba.
4:00pm-Head over to Cheif Jo for Harley's volleyball game. Today I don't have any extra kids so I get to watch the game and take pictures but pictures in the gym are hard. I should have taken the better camera! Oh ya, they won!
There was a gal sitting behind us that commented that Spencer was a cutie! Of course she's right. Then when the game was over she made anther comments about how "stinkin' cute" he was and that I had better watch out for him. I know! I think Spencer knows how cute he is and uses that!

Goofy Spencer in the car after the game. What a ham!
After the game everyone hangs out doing their own thing while I fix dinner in a hurry before Harley has to leave for Mutual at 7:00.

Mason doing what he loves, playing his Nintendo DS.

Spencer watching Monsters Inc.

Harley trying to make a dent in her homework pile before Mutual.

After dinner Harley's off to Mutual. Then I have to pin Mason down to get his homework done. Cierra's in her favorite spot to watch bed!
8:30pm-Harley's home from Mutual and trying to get all her homework done.
Story time for Mason and Spencer
Nightlty good night call to Alex
9:00pm-Boys in bed, late.
Girls are still up. Harley's still working on homework and Cierra has a hard time going to bed when Harley's not there.
10:00pm- By now the girls are in bed and I start watching the replay of the Presidential Debate. I only watched half of it and turned off the tv. I have it recorded thanks to DVR!!
What a day!

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