Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Muffins, Dirt and an Angry Bee

That was my day!! I got up unusually early for a Saturday at 7am. Alex has a tractor here this weekend to dig out a strip on the side of our yard to put in a gravel drive to park the boat and other stuff. So I thought I would make muffins early. The kids and I also had to be at the church by 9am for a Primary Program practice. I was pretty proud of myself for getting the muffins done. Usually I would rather just sleep in on a Saturday. It helps that I recently got a new stove/oven, which I love!! Anyway, the muffins were yummy!!

My had a evergreen tree in her front yard that they cut down quite a while ago. It was in the middle of the yard in a little garden. Well, the stump has been there since the tree was cut down and it's been driving her crazy. My Dad was the one who wanted to get rid of the tree because he was worried about it falling over in a wind storm or something resulting in water mains braking. So the tree came down. Alex told my Mom that the next time he had a tractor at our house that he would pull out the stump for her. So when I called her this morning at 8:30am and told her we had the tractor she was excited to get that stump out!! I think it took a little longer than they planned but they got it out. For all the little kids, what could be more fun than playing in all that dirt! They had so much fun pulling out roots and rocks. They spent the entire day there, riding big wheels, playing in the dirt and drawing with chalk on the driveway.

The boys did the funniest thing!!! As the adults were sitting at the top of the driveway we looked down and Mason had hooked this huge chain the men were using to pull the stump out, to the pedal of a big wheel. With the other end he had it hooked on a root. With all the kids holding onto this massive chain and Mason on the big wheel they pulled the root out of the ground. They were hilarious!! They were doing exactly what they saw the grownups doing.

Later in the evening before it got dark I was sitting outside and I felt something on my shoulder. I went to flick it away and then noticed that it was really stinging. I heard bees buzzing and figured I just got stung. Then I was really paranoid about the bees. I could still hear one or two. Then I started running my fingers through my hair and realized the reason I still heard a bee was because there was one stuck in my hair, and he proceeded to sting me again!! How dare he!! So now, a good hour later, my shoulder hurts and my head hurts. I don't think I've been stung by a bee since I was a little girl. It really does sting!!! I had Alex check and the stinger was still in my head so he pulled that out for me. I don't want to wear a shirt because it rubs right on the sting. How annoying!!! I hope I don't sting all night. I already have a hard time sleeping as is these days.

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