Saturday, October 11, 2008

New phone, no blogging! Until Now

NEW PHONE. Well, my sisters and I have been way behind on blogging updates. At least it's not just me. So a few months ago, June maybe, we switched cell phone providers and I got a new cell phone. I love it. It's the ATT Tilt. I really like it because it syncs to my Outlook. So I get all my calendar reminders on my computer and on my cell. I also have email and internet. The downside...since I get my email's on my phone I'm not on the computer as much. I used to get on the computer at least 3 times a day to check email, read blogs and whatever. Now that I'm not on the computer as much that also translates into not updating my blog. Other times I find myself reading every one's blogs and then run out of time to update mine. So I need to make a goal of updating my blog more often.

HALLOWEEN. I've been busy sewing Halloween costumes for my kids. They always have very distinct ideas of what they want!! And dang it, they never want to coordinate with each other. That's only happened a couple of times and never with all four of them. This year Harley is going to be Mini Mouse. I just finished her dress today, well, except for the hem. It went really fast, which made me happy. Cierra is a Bomber Cheerleader. I must say that her outfit looks AWESOME!!! I was so proud of myself. Thanks to Kris for helping me get "Bombers" on the front with my mom's machine. It totally completes the costume. Cierra loves it. She wants to hit games at Richland High just so she can wear her new cheer leading costume. Mason decided that he wanted to be a Night. I did everything I could to convince Spencer that he needed to be dragon but he was also dead set on being a Night with his brother. It would have been so cool! At least they aren't[ completely matching Nights. Spencer's is the last costume I have to sew and it's only Oct. 11. How awesome is that!!! I really need to get pictures of each costume and get them on here.

BABY UPDATE. I am now 29 weeks. It's always amazing how at first 40 weeks (9 months) seems like it will take so long but as soon as I hit 20 weeks it seems to start to fly by. Now I'm almost 30 weeks With he approach of the Holidays that time will fly even faster! I have a nice little kick boxer always getting a work out. Unfortunately it's always on my bladder. It's not just that constant need to go, but he will kick and I feel like I might have an accident. Then that feeling's gone. It really is kind of strange! I now have a nice belly on me also. There should be no mistaking it now, you would think. I still had someone come up to me at church and congratulate me like they had just heard (or noticed). Well, they must not have been at church the day my mom announced in RS that I was pregnant. I had a doctor's appointment the other day and had an ultrasound. Everything looks great. Long baby! I was even given a little 3-D of my baby's face. That was so cool! Although the little stinker had his hand up by his face and wouldn't move it. But still very neat.
Since Spencer I pretty much got rid of everything, except the large items. So I have no baby clothes. I'm so sad about that, ha ha ha. What a great reason to go shopping. Styles change, need new stuff, right :) Maybe some faint part of me hopes that the ultrasound was wrong and HE will come out and be a SHE. Cierra would be sooooooo happy if that happened. But I really doubt the lady that does my ultra sounds is wrong. She's awesome. I've known her since before Harley was born. I used to babysit her son, and now he 16! She's done ultrasounds for all my kids and never been wrong! I don't think she's ever wrong. Which brings me to a new topic.

ULTRASOUNDS. I learned from my ultrasound lady, who will remain nameless, that in Washington you do not have to be certified to give ultrasounds!!! Are you kidding me?!!! It's one thing to have an ultrasound for fun, to look at the baby, see if it's a boy or girls, do the 3-D thing. But it's completely different when you are having an ultrasound done for medical reasons, which is why most Dr. offices do them, AND bill them to insurance. So there is a doctor here where I live who has a gal doing his ultrasounds that is not certified, had not official educational training or anything. Do their patients even know! I would be totally ticked if I found that how. How does she know what to look for? To make matters worse, this particular doctor was doing ultrasounds at a recent community event and had some women freaking out because they thought something was wrong with their baby. Girls going to the hospital, calling their doctors. I can't believe there isn't some kind of regulation on that.. Crazy. I know that my gal has gone to college, been trained, certified and continues to update her knowledge on what she does!

Now that I've given you plenty of things to read I'll call it quits!

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