Thursday, October 23, 2008


3 Joys

1. That quiet time to myself when all my kids are in bed and I eat some chocolate all by myself.
2. Listening to Spencer whistle. Today we watched Robin Hood. All afternoon he was whistling that tune. Funny boy!
3. When Mason and Spencer play all day together and have so much fun. I love it when they get along!

3 Fears

1. I share this one with Allie. Getting to my OB appointment and finding out there's something wrong. Never happened, hope it never will.
2. I've always been afraid of my house catching on fire in the middle of the night. How would I get out, how would I get my kids out. Scary.
3. That I'm not teaching my kids all that I should be. I was cooking up a storm by the time I was their age. Shame on me.

3 Goals

1. Make it through the holiday season while pregnant.
2. Have this baby before 2009!!
3. Get more scrapbooking done. Get closer to getting caught up.

3 Current Obsessions

1. I feel like I HAVE TO use those darn JoAnn's coupons or they are going to waste. Hmmm, what can I sew today?
2. Making sure this little guy inside me is kicking every day. I've been paying way more attention to this one.
3. Having that "mommy snack" after my kids are all in bed.

3 Random Surprising Facts About Me

1. Allie's not the only one who hasn't painted her toenails in a while. How am I supposed to reach down there these days? I did have a girl paint them yesterday while they were on a scavenger hunt for mutual though. I really need pedicure!! Which could be added to my "Joys" list, pedicures!
2. I was born in Poughkeepsie New York. Not many people know that. But we lived in Fishkill. Doesn't that sound nice.
3. I don't like to read. I really never have. Didn't like to read in school, barely read what I needed to in order to get by. I have read all the Harry Potter books and all the Twilight books. So if there's enough rave review I have been known to ignore all household stuff and read. Really weird I know.

I'll tag Dyana, Joy and Laci

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