Monday, March 9, 2009

Dippin Dots in my Hand

More than one person has said that it looked just like raining Dippin Dots today. Poor Harley was at softball tryouts while the white stuff was comming down. Isn't this crazy!


NaDell said...

Jumping on the trampoline with the hail looks like fun! Cleaning clothes afterwards, maybe not, but cool!

The Bartlett Family said...

Wasn't that crazy?!?! Jay got home instead of going to track and I was glad he was home so I could errands, then we looked outside and he was VERY glad he wasn't at practice!!! It was funny how quickly it came and then went!!!

Kris said...

I was hailed on while leaving the school after my parent/teacher conference. Hail in the face and down the front of the shirt isn't fun! Of course it stopped right after I got in the car!

How was Harley's softball tryouts?