Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!! We had a great day at our house. Easter is definitely more fun when you have kids, that's for sure! It's so much fun doing all the fun Easter thing with my kids. Egg coloring, Easter Baskets, everything. I had to stay up late last night getting all the Easter preparations done. It's kind of like Christmas, stay up after the kids are in bed to get things ready for the next day. I had to fill plastic eggs and get baskets ready for the Easter Bunny. This morning I could have skipped church all together since I'm not feeling too hot. I just came down with a cold and am feeling horrible. But as you know, a mother never gets to stop! So I sent my kids off to church with my husband and he came back and got me and I went late.

After church we headed over to my parents house for the big gathering of all my brothers and sisters and their kids. We love to be able to hang out with everyone. All the little cousins always have so much fun together out in Grandma's back yard. Following our delicious feast we always have, we got all set up for the egg hunt. Moms and kids in the front yard and Dads in the back yard to hide all the eggs. Then youngest to oldest we let the kids in the back yard to hunt for eggs. It's always a riot to see where the guys have hidden the eggs. This year there was even an egg on the roof, just out of reach of my daughter standing on the picnic table!
Now, you may think I'm done, well, no. Then in the evening we were off to the other Grandma's house for anther Easter meal. I was so full from my 1:30pm lunch (and dessert) that I really wasn't even hungry. I felt bad for my Mother-in-Law, none of my kids or I weren't even hungry and we hate very little! I don't think I'll be hungry until lunch the next day!
Hope everyone had a great Easter!

My daughter had to climb a tree to get some eggs down that her Uncles had "hid" up there.

All the cousins minus two. One wasn't in the mood (he's 1yr old) and one wasn't there.
What a good looking bunch of kids! 14 Cousins all under the age of 12.

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And look how green Mom's grass is!