Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spencer's Little Book

So for my LATE Birthday gift from my husband I went and got myself a Bind-it-All. Can I just say that it is sooooo much fun!!!! It really is easy to use! When I bought it I also got some squares of acrylic already cut. Right away I started punching holes in everything!!! My kids were punching holes in everything also. This is a little book I made for my little Spencer, who is almost 4. Just a simple little book for him to have so I didn't put too many embellishments on it. After he looked at it and showed it to his Daddy he took it in his room. I followed him in and asked what he did with his book and he made some comment about not wanting anyone to get it. Well, he didn't really seem to care as much as me, it was thrown on the floor in front of his bookshelf. I'm going to have to teach that boy the way to handle scrapbook things I have made. Hence, the reason I didn't make it too fancy! Anyway, the pages of the book are made from the dividers from my Cropper Hopper paper holders. I never use them as dividers and found many other uses for them. The paper is from DWVC Old World. The rub-ons didn't work too well, they were on the rough side of the plastic so they don't look very smooth.


Marfa said...

Nice blog...oh, you're tempting me...I want that BIA, too!

NaDell said...

Cute stuff! I love seeing all of your awesome projects. Your kids are adorable.
Thanks for finding me.