Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alpha Friends Book

Just a little book I made for the boys. Alpha Friends are from Houghton Mifflin, a company that makes educational material for schools. This is what's used in Kindergarten here. I was given a copy of all the "friends" for Mason to have and color but I confiscated them to make copies from. :) It's amazing how they remember the letters from the Alpha Friends. There's a whole song that does with it, it's great! Spencer's already picking up on them! Don't look too closely, I'm not happy with my coloring job. I wanted to get it done and needed new colored pencils and opted for markers because they were right there. I'm just picky! I also have to say how much I love my Bind-it-All!! It's so great to have.

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NaDell said...

Can I have copies too? I hope they sing the song for us at the Fall Fiesta. I haven't heard it yet. Other friends tell me their kids are constantly singing songs from Kindergarten. How about that? Elizabeth doesn't at all!