Sunday, November 16, 2008

I missed a day of thanks

I was doing so good, shoot! Saturday was a bit busy with things happening all day long. I don't think I realized I had forgotten to post until this morning.
So for yesterday, here's what I am thankful for.
1. Quiet time. Alex took the kids (all of them) out on an "errand." I'm pretty sure it was something to do with my birthday coming up on Friday, he he he. :) Anyway, I got an hour and a half to myself ON A SATURDAY!! That nearly never happens. Even though I just folded laundry and watched a show it was nice. Which brings me to number 2.
2. DVR. I too love having DVR. I have quite a few shows set to record just for me. I find that I hardly ever watch them when they are on anymore. I can watch them much faster when I can skip all the commercials. LOVE IT!
3. Blizzards. Not the cold snowy, stuck in your house blizzards. The yummy, cold, creamy, tasty kind from Dairy Queen. I had one the other day and I only ate half (it was a large :) ) Last night after the kids were in bed I enjoyed the other half. Hmmmmm!

Today I'm grateful for
1. Children's Musinex. Spencer came down with a cold again. He just got over one not too long ago. Last night he had that lovely barking cough where he sounded like he couldn't breathe. Along with some Dimetap (Dime - A-Nap as we like to call it) he slept a little better. Today he's had his share of Musinex too to help with all that gunk. It's great.
2. Humidifiers. Yep same kind of story. Humidifiers combined with medication is great!
3. Hamburger Helper. Such a quick and easy meal without having to think about it. Since Spencer's not feeling well today I got it started and then ended up in the chair with Spencer sleeping on me. Alex did the rest!

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I was gonna give thanks for Dairy Queen!!