Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Pretty Scallywag

Cierra was Yellowbeard in her 5th grade play tonight. Originally she was assigned another part in the play, a "lesser character" for lack of a better term. Then the student who was going to play Yellowbeard lost his/her privilege to be in the play so Cierra got moved up. She was SO EXCITED. She was given about a week to memorize more parts and she did great! I knew a while ago that she had to have a pirate costume, way before Halloween, but I kept putting it off. So I spent yesterday sewing. At Jason Lee they also pair Choir and Marimba when they have grade level plays, so Cierra played Marimba at the start also. It was fun to see all these kids dressed as pirates playing the marimbas, too funny. The play was really cute and all the kids did really well. Check out Cierra's HUGE hoop earring. She loved it! It's probably like 3 inches in diameter, huge for Cierra.

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