Monday, November 17, 2008

Another day of thanks

1. My Camera. I love being able to take pictures of life in our house as it happens. I'm so glad I have a camera. Love to catch all the moments!
2. My Dad. So many things I could say about my Dad. But along with the first one, I'm grateful for my Dad for his love of photography. He has always taken pictures. I can remember as a small child my Dad developing his own pictures. We would be "banned" from the basement laundry room while he used it for his dark room. We have some amazing black and white photos! We have pictures from Thanksgiving back when I was small. We still take pictures on Thanksgiving every year. I love that I can count on at least one good family picture each year. I'm so thankful that my Dad has so many pictures of us growing up. It's so fun to sit in the living room and go through photo albums or even a slide show on the wall and chuckle at the way we all dressed. On a different note...I'm grateful that my Dad is such a hard worker and that he has planned for his future. I will never have to worry about him financially which is a great peace of mind to me. He's a great example of how to save and spend money wisely, even if we don't. Growing up with 7 kids in our family I remember having to "butter up" Dad to get stuff but I really never felt like we were really lacking for money. When in fact he made less than we make now. I tell myself often that if he could do it with 7 kids, I should be able to do it with 4 (5). Love you Dad!
3. Talented Scrapbookers. I love being able to get ideas on how to share stories about my pictures from others who are WAY better at scrapbooking than me. My girls are funny because they think I'm just amazing, the best scrapbooker but that's far from the truth. There are so many talented ladies (and a few guys) out there that are wonderful scrapbookers and I'm grateful they keep it going!

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