Friday, November 14, 2008

Miss Guided Child

A funny story from Cierra today. First a little background. 5th Graders at Jason Lee go to Camp Wooten every year, right before spring break. They refer to it as outdoor education. Almost every class is held out doors and they include things like water classes, survival, fire building, dissecting owl pellets, dissecting fish, learning about trees and an animal class. I probably forgot some. So Mr. Ryder is one of the first people who started this program. Right now it's Mr. Ryder and Mr. Schuster (Cierra's teacher) who are the camp directors. There's an ongoing joke that Mr. Ryder catches bigger fish when they go fishing. So they joke that Mr. Schuster is "Captain Little Fish." Mr. Ryder's class has them to believe that Mr. Ryder is a better fisherman and Mr. Schuster has his class to believe the same about him. All the kids just eat it up and have such a good time teasing the other teacher about it.
Cierra's assignment. Cierra had to draw a picture only using polygons. So she decided to draw a picture of Mr. Schuster holding two fish. One was Mr. Schuster's BIG fish and the other was Mr. Ryder's small fish. Of course Mr. Schuster LOVED the picture. He sent Cierra right over to Mr. Ryder's room to show him the picture. He then told Cierra that "she is a miss guided child and needs mental help." She got such a kick out of that. That was the first thing she told me when I came in to drop off her cupcakes this morning. It's also a story we heard in the car on the way to the movie today. Just to be clear, that's totally Mr. Ryder. He loves to joke with the kids and they love it. So in now way did he mean what he said, totally joking with her. Just had to add that in case someone worried about that.

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