Monday, November 3, 2008


On Halloween we took the kids to the Uptown Shopping Center where they do Trick-or-Treating in the afternoon. I think it's so fun to see kids in the daylight with their costumes on, and not just mine, all the kids, it's just so fun! We met up with my sister's kids too so there's some cousin pictures here also. Aren't they all so cute!! We had a nice break at home and then headed over to the church for Trunk-or-Treat. The boys had more fun sitting in the back of the car with me to hand out candy. After that we made some stops at Grandma's and friends and then did some real door to door Trick-or-Treating. The weather was so nice. Since daylight savings time was moved back it was lighter out. I think this was one of the warmest Halloweens I can remember for quite a while. Even better, Halloween was on a Friday!! I love that!

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Allie said...

Oh these pictures are so cute! Will you email me the ones of Autumn and Tanner? I didn't really get any good ones!

I love how all the costumes turned out!