Friday, November 14, 2008

Mason's Fall Fiesta

Mason's Kindergarten Class held a Fall Fiesta today. Parents were invited and encouraged to come. It was nice that it was on a Friday and Alex was able to come. All the kids were so cute! They all made hats with leaves on them and were wearing them when we arrived. Alex and I were probably the last set of parents to get there and when we came down the hall Mason was waiting for us. He looked a little worried that maybe we weren't coming. I felt bad that we weren't there sooner but all was fine. We made a cute fall tree with Mason out of a traced foot (mine) and our hand prints traced and cut out. It turned out very cute, so cute that I had to hang it on our front door for fall. While we were working on our trees we has some yummy snacks that parents provided.

I just love Mason's teacher. She is so great with these little 5 and 6 year olds. I think it helps that she has a 6-7 year old son herself. She really understands what goes on in the life of a child that age. Anyway...they had learned a few songs with actions and preformed those for us. I think it's awesome that an adult is willing to sing with kids, sometimes you don't find that outside of church and I think it's great when you do! Kids don't care if you are a good singer or not!

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