Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 3 of Gratitude

1. Good doctors. So long story short, Harley has been having issues with stomach aches and all the lovely stuff that sometimes follows if you get my drift. We've had her tested for a milk allergy, not that. So we've been going on the assumption that she's lactose intolerant but she still has issues. We had some blood drawn for about 6 different tests, all came back negative. So today she saw a pediatric GI specialist from Seattle Children's (here). He was very nice, asked lots of questions, let us explain everything and gave us some good insight. So I think we might be on the track to getting this kicked. So...thankful for good doctors that will listen to us and get things taken care of.

2. My sisters. I don't want anyone to think that I'm not thankful for them by being the one to comment on them last. It's so fun to have both of them here now after having Kris in Utah for so many years. When she wasn't here I always thought about her and how fun it would be to have her hear to do fun stuff with us and now she is. Being the oldest I sometimes feel like I'm the one being looked up to, but let me tell you each of my sisters has their great qualities that I wish I had!!! They are great mothers and I learn things from them as well. And yes, I will clean up throw up, snot, diapers or whatever for my sisters kids because I love them (kids and sisters!) Crusty noses don't belong on any kid!!

3. Blogs. Okay so this literally just came to me. As I'm sitting here typing my cell phone vibrates and I check it to see what's up and find out I have new email. One being a notification that I just got a new comment on my blog from a gal that I have not talked to since March. I have thought about her and wondered how to contact her and it was too funny that she found my blog, I love it!!

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