Saturday, November 8, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

My sister gave a challenge (who she got from someone else, who probably got it from someone else) to blog about 3 things we are grateful for each day in November. That means I have to be diligent about blogging, at least to do that. What a great thing to take part in for the month of November. So here goes.

Today I am grateful for...

1. My house. Seems like a standard answer but I'm glad that I have one, seriously. Many years spent renting and living with family it's nice to have my own place with all it's flaws and lack of space. It's ours and we can do what we want with it. We can come home to a place that's comfortable and safe and just us.

2. My kids. Another standard but really, who's not thankful for their kids? Today, Cierra's off dear hunting with her Dad for the first time. I know she's probably having a blast but it's odd to not have one of my kids here, especially one of the older ones on a Saturday. Each of my kids is a blessing to me and each has their special little traits that I love about them. Yesterday when we called Cierra and Alex to see how their day went Mason talked first. He said hi to his Dad and then immediately asked to talk to Cierra. As much as he torments her and gets on her nerves I know he loves her and really misses her when she's gone. I thought it was very sweet.

3. Alex. Well, if I'm thankful for my kids then I'm also very thankful for Alex. He's such a hard worker!!! I wouldn't be able to enjoy the things I do if it wasn't for him. He does whatever he can to support this family and in return I do not have to work. (That's another day's gratitude!) When he's not at work he's working at home on projects. I sometimes get frustrated that we have so many unfinished projects but I'm grateful that he knows how to do so many things, that just means less that we pay someone else to do. I love that he is willing and excited to take Cierra hunting. I'm sure he can't wait until his boys are old enough and mature enough to go also. What fun times to spend with their Daddy!! Here's one of those days working outside back in 2006. Tractors and dirt, what could be better?
Okay, so don't expect that much explanation each day!! Right at the moment, have a little time to kill :)

So, do you need a little attitude uplift? Finding yourself a little grumpy at your situation? Just want to join in on the November Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. Go right ahead. It really is nice, go me thinking about quite a few things!!

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Dyana said...

What a good idea, Bec.....I just might have to do this....'cause heaven knows I have a few things to be sick of. LOL! Thanks for your sweet message on my blog! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!