Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Cierra!!!

It's hard to believe that Cierra is 11. One more year and she'll be in mutual also. They really do grow up fast.
Last night Cierra made cupcakes for her class at school. Rainbow Chip, yummy. I frosted them for her this morning and then took them to her class. When Cierra's teacher thanked me for bringing in cupcakes I told him that she made them. He was quite impressed! Thanks to my Mom Harley and Cierra are very good at making cakes!
Like I mentioned, this evening we took a group of girls (and our kids) to see a movie for Cierra's party. The girls had a good time. It's always funny and a bit interesting to get a group of girls together. The conversations in the car are always hilarious. Cierra turns into this rambling girl talking a mile a minute about any and everything. One comment led to another and all of the sudden the girls were talking about how gross it was that men or women have operations to change them to the opposite sex! One girl who was not a member of the church made the comment that God made men and women to.... and then I didn't exactly hear what she said but the rest of the girls started saying "groooooossssss" all at the same time. So I had to take that opportunity to speak up. I told the that she was right, that God did make men and women for a purpose and one reason was to have children. Then I told them that we didn't need to go into detail about that (how). Then shortly they were onto another topic. Funny girls. But I was happy to hear that they all agreed that sex changes were gross.
After pizza and cake all the girls had a good time taking turns playing one of three Nintendo DS'. Mason was kind enough to share his. I was impressed!!
It was a good night!!

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